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We are advisors who can take a company public tbrough writing an S-1 Registration Statement or Reverse Merge you into a shell corporation to go public for a fraction of the cost an investment bank would charge.

Our primary business now is to purchase oil rights leases at previously operational oil wells that are now dormant brining them back into full operation

If you have a propery that has capped or open wells that we can bring back into operation, contact us today!

Bringing previously closed oil wells back into full operation.

We currently have two active oil well projects with seperate leases that we are bringing operational. The first is a 86 arce property with 8 wells. The second is 96 barrells with 4 wells.

We are also in the process of completing taking an oil company public having written the S1 Registration statement, submitted it to the SEC, answered questions, and are awaiting submitting the audited financials to become effective by the SEC.

Click HERE to See Information on our current Oil Well Project
About Our Company

If you have a property that had previously active oil wells, and the doumentation on producton we can work a deal with you for the oil lease. We will bring the oil wells operational at our cost and pay you a portion of the oil recovered from the wells on the property.

If you would like to bring your company public for a fraction of the cost of a traditional investment bank, please reach out to us. We have SEC qualified autors and SEC qualfied attornies that work with us to write the S1 registration statement or identify a shell company for you to reverse into.

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Please contact us today regarding the services provided by Seroent Acquisitions, LLC.

  • Reverse Mergers advisory services
  • IPO advisory services
  • We can write yur S1 Registraton Statement
  • Oil well leases
  • rework dormant oil wells with a history and bring them operational
Key Projects
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Take an Oil Compmay public through writing the S1 registration statement.

Website: Oil Company
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Take a health and fitness exercise bike company public through a reverse merger.

Website: Health Company

Purchase an oil lease for 8 capped wells on 96 acres and rework them to bring them operational

Website: Clover Estate

Purchase an oil lease for 4 open but dormant wells on 104 acres and rework them to bring them operational

Website: Confidential
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